El Taller de Inglés nace hace 30 años en el barrio de Palermo.

Un proyecto de enseñanza del idioma a través del arte y la literatura.

Nuestro objetivo consiste en crear junto con los alumnos un espacio seguro y placentero, y ofrecerles las herramientas necesarias para que puedan conectarse con el lenguaje: explorando, probando hipótesis, integrando sus propios esquemas de conocimiento e intereses individuales a la nueva situación de aprendizaje. Trabajamos diariamente con grupos pequeños y clases individuales.

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Transiciones de Claudia Ferradas

El próximo sábado 17 de noviembre, 17.30, en el Teatro El Cubo se presenta el poemario de Claudia Ferradas "Transiciones". Presentación a cargo de Malena Solda. Lectores invitados: Estela Meije y Horacio Derrón.

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English with Lucy

International Women's Day 2017. Tedx presenter and voice coach Caroline Goyder tells us 15 ways in which we can feel, look and sound more confident at parties, dates, presentations, interviews and on the telephone.

How to Pronounce 20 London Underground Stations

Don't have the time or money to come to classes? Maybe you can take just one conversation class a month to discuss whatever appeals to you, in person or Skype, and subscribe to this You Tube Channel:

London London

This is London through my eyes. I am a foreign English teacher who studied the language and its culture for as long as I can remember. This is my fourth time in London. I had not returned for many years and found it yet more bewildering, inspiring and diverse. I feel even more motivated to keep learning and sharing with you all I have absorbed in its paths, stories and people.

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The Suburban Players

Shall we spend a evening out of cinema plus theatre with the Suburban Players? Love to share this performance with you. Sunday October 7 at 7pm. Are you in? If you confirm please I need you to pay or transfer the cost of the ticket well in advance so I can make the booking for all of us. Thanks for sharing!


Introduction to the stories of Samanta Sweblin

samanta schweblin


Let's face it, the matter of our every day lives is of strange stuff made. When viewed apprehensively, when the strings of family are stretched taut over the Nabokovian abyss to nestle a rocking cradle, or coddle an aging parent whose mind is failing, what’s normal can quickly turn downright bizarre. An everyday word, say tree, repeated several times in a row loses its meaning and confirms the inherent estrangement of language when its devoid of convention.


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