Features of Multicultural London English (MLE)

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London is a hugely diverse city encompassing hundreds of cultures and languages. So it isn’t surprising that, out of this melting pot, a new dialect has emerged: Multicultural London English. MLE is more than just teenage slang or the language of grime artists: it is spoken by young people of all backgrounds and has moved far beyond the capital, into the middle classes and the mainstream. It transcends ethnic categories and is ever growing and evolving.



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Dear all, wish you a yearful of new challenges, gripping stories, and thought-provoking talks. Should you like to kick off 2019 reading contemporary authors, listening to insightful speakers, or simply brushing up on your vocabulary, contact me. Love to  share some learning-teaching with you all. Simply send me a whatsapp or email and I will answer as soon as possible. Cheers!


End -of- year celebration

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Dear all, thank you for a lovely end -of -year celebration. We felt the warm presence of those who were able to turn up and those who could not make it but were there in many ways. Look forward to meeting you in the summer and the rest of the year. Bring forward your proposals, needs and suggestions. I will do all my best to help you in your goals. Cheers to a most fulfilling year!

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